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Helping people where they are at. We are compassionate Health Care Providers developing wellness plans by using quality Vitamins and Hydration to help patients feel their very best. Because everyone deserves to live their version of their healthiest life. 



Developing accessibility for direct delivery of health care services. 

Versatile Health Care for all Albertans to achieve their custom Wellness Goals. With locations to serve you in every corner of the province while providing optimal work-life balance for healthcare professionals.

Guiding Principles

Where individual wellness is created 

Execution. Do what you say you are going to do

Listen with compassion

Love with an open heart

Navigate systems  

Explore options

Share without judgment 

Solutions Mindset


Kilkenny Services was developed in 2013 by a passionate professional athlete and fitness expert alongside a "Motivated Nurse"(Regulated Nurse), educator, and health advocate. Starting off in the Wellness business the initial footprint of Kilkenny Services was proven in the workplace by developing recreation, leisure, fitness and health programs and services for individuals working long shift work, proven to have a positive and rewarding environment to unwind, have fun, and blow of the daily steam.


Gaining expert training in Caregiver Support and treatment, Tai Chi, Breathwork, Natural Health and Essential Oils we have grown a passion to focus on sharing programs and services in our local communities. Providing 1:1 athletic coaching for adults and youth, treatments for natural health through essential oil massage, breathwork, creative therapy, oxygen therapy as well as group and mobile programs and treatments.

What can we say? We love people! And do you know what we love more? Putting a smile on our guests faces!

In 2017 we gathered a committee in Lethbridge to organize the annual WellFest Expo. This event is a community gathering to learn and grow in wellness. Shop and learn from local wellness vendors and understand solutions available to them from experts right in their own community! Watch to join us in this amazing Expo filled with education, services, and incredible support to kick off your wellness journey - each September. Music, Make N Takes, Food, & Fun with amazing local experts. This is our Karma Event with donations from the door admission going back to a local charity of choice.


That same year, Kilkenny Services opened its first Wellness Studio in Lethbridge, providing the same great recreation, leisure, fitness, education & health programs to gather and grow as a community in an environment where everyone is not only welcome but cherished in the programs they choose. In 2019 we grew to Medicine Hat and are so excited to join the downtown businesses to grow and revitalize the core of the old gas city.

​In 2020 we PIVOT with the effects of the global pandemic resulting in the close of our storefront and the immediate halt of gathering and all things sociable..... we began a strong focus on our roots and the Natural health side of our business and Local Handmade offerings. After years of learning and experience, educating and coaching groups, and running trade fairs, markets, and school canteens we developed our Online Platform and have grown our mobile services!


In Spring 2021 we launched the 9-week Burn Out Recovery Course. Enrollment Began April 1 for the first group of students. This program has been carefully designed by healthcare professionals for healthcare professionals and community members experiencing Burn Out.  For more information or to learn more contact us or check out this video Mental health: How to spot if you are suffering 'burnout' - BBC News

In Fall 2021 we joined The Mom Market Collective and launched local community markets in Medicine Hat to bring together small businesses with an opportunity to bring their passions to market. The Mom Market Collective is for everyone! Fur Moms, Plant Moms, Mom-Moms, and everyone who has ever had a mom! Bringing together local Shopping, Sips, Snacks & Tunes for an invigorating community experience at every Market! 

In the Spring of 2022, we partnered with FARSK Canada to begin offering Vitamin Infusions to truly elevate our Wellness offerings while complementing clinical training. This was a HUGE step for us! This means partnering with a Medical Director and building a clinical element to our current holistic health model.

Patients can be reassured that they are being seen by a Regulated Nurse and follow a clinical intake, treatment, and discharge plan when receiving Infusion, clinical or injectable services. 

Our Program is Supervised by a Physician Medical Director who will assist in consultations as required. 

Why IV Therapy?

Prevention of dis-ease.

We hope to support patients BEFORE they end up in a medical center or emergency room. 

The use of IV therapy in hospitals and emergency settings is a well-known, widespread practice since the 1930s.  It wasn’t until the 1960s that Dr. John Myers started injecting patients with what he called a “cocktail” of vitamins and minerals that the medical field realized the potential of IV therapy to optimize health. How is IV therapy different from taking a supplement?

Well, with IV drips, the body receives the vitamins and minerals by injecting the solution directly into the bloodstream; a process that bypasses the digestive system and allows clients to feel the positive effects instantly.  


The most common benefits of IV therapy are:  

• Improve hydration

• Nourish the body through vitamins, minerals and electrolytes

• Strengthen the immune system

• Enhance energy

• Boost the metabolism

• Protect against free radicals

• Regenerate cells, and improve skin conditions


What are your wellness goals?  


Do you have an area of your health you would like to improve?  


Come talk to us to learn more about our IV therapy packages!    


Why Farsk After much research, we have partnered with @farskhealth to offer the best IV treatments on the market. Farsk’s IV Drips are the safest for the patient, their ingredients are Health Canada approved specifically indicated for intravenous use, vegan and cruelty-free. We will be offering four different treatments, that help with 40+ health concerns.


• • • •

Serving Locations across Alberta - Contact us to book with a Nurse in your Area. 


Follow the Motivated Nurse Blog Spot here and Tune In to YouTube Channel.... just an Altered Nurse on a Creative Journey. 

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