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PIVOT! - Yes we are still here!

Kilkenny Wellness brings together Community to Gather & Grow in Wellness through movement, meditation & mindfulness since 2013. Creating experiences to suit individual needs including Creativity, Movement and Wellness Programs based on accredited health care professionals recommendations and guidelines.

We are the home of the expertly designed and effective 9-week BurnOut Recovery Program.

Spine Health is the lifeline to the bodies energy centers. (CNS) Lifestyle, daily activities and trauma can restrict flow of energy creating blockages effecting all areas of life from thinking and feeling, to pain, breathing, digestion, and movement. As a Nurse and Wellness practitioner, we provide complementary assessments prior to treatment plans to meet your goals, keeping you moving, breathing and reducing the risk of sickness & disease.

Your wellness journey is just that, yours. Its personal. We are here to provide you with the resources, skills and opportunities to reach your individual goals.

We understand Education is the key to success, therefore we provide the tools to develop your personal wellness journey successfully and with optimal results.

A little about me.... I love, love, love the outdoors. Sun, sea, saltwater with a gypsy soul. I am a wife and a mother, never shying away from hard work. After years of front line nursing I fully believe food is medicine and combined with active movement, and natural remedies it's the one controllable we have to a longer, healthier, dis-ease life. I am easy to talk to and always here to listen. So ideas for your optimal wellness.... Please share!

So where do we go from here? Please keep an eye out for our Facebook Events – join me Online for Facebook Lives and Online Education Classes or perhaps at an Event in your local community!

Celebrating you in Wellness!

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