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Complete Wellness Handbook: Chakras, Crystals, Oils, & Poses

Coming 2020 this wellness handbook will be released.

A complete guide for optimizing balance Naturally. You choose your route, understand how to align and maintain your highest function at your fingertips.

This handbook is intended to be interactive and join your journey to wellness.

Write in your practices, effectiveness, and outcomes.

Add this resource to your routine practice and find your balance with ease.

Order your free 26 page flip resource used to create this handbook by emailing us before December 1, 2019.

Find organized to each of the 7 energy sources the information about the energy center, signs and symptoms, followed by a variety of treatments including crystal therapy, essential oil remedy, vibration, and taichi or yoga pose with breath-work to encourage a restored or focused flow. Over 12+ solutions listed for each chakra, you will never need to question how to move past any blockages and reach your highest potential.

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