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Creating Wellness & Holistic Health .... when burn out is the new norm

This is an unusual first note for a blog... especially with a motivated nurse who has so much to say.

Never the less... this is the narrative to the presentation done for health professionals. See the worksheet on our Facebook Page under notes @KilkennyWellness

As health care professionals, parents, friends…. we put others before ourselves, working long hours, balancing many demands from all aspects of life and every day is a juggling act.

Finding personal balance is invaluable and will affect every aspect of your life, and those around you. Determining your balance is instrumental to your personal success.

What can we do before everything comes crashing down?

How do we find “balance”?

Positive Psychology: How we deal with what life hands us, good and bad, can not always determine our happiness – it is how we react to those events that will be reflective of how it impacts our lives. My dad always said 90% of the worlds problems are just inconveniences. (I’ve learned he’s rarely wrong.)

Society has us naturally dwelling on negative factors and down playing the positive. Therefore our successes are not driving the levels of dopamine in the brain that contributes to overall happiness.

We are actually resisting our bodies natural ability to BE happy.

Set goals and when you reach them take joy in those triumphs.

Be mindful in setting goals once they are achieved to be sure you can celebrate the successes and have that needed Dopamine surge.

Evaluate: Embrace a role that emphasizes what you are good at. This will greatly impact positive feelings. Often we can make adjustments to our work lives to accommodate this part. Ponder ideas to accomplish this through our incredibly versatile profession.

Understand your personal strengths and play to them. Refine them. Master your strengths and surround yourself with those who have the strengths to complement yours and help you reach your goal. Your own personal definition of success.

Time Blocking & Scheduling in meditation, movement and me time just like the hair salon, dentist, or your kids soccer practice. Add it into your calendar like everything else at the start of the week. Take a glance and prepare during down time. Build it into your routine!

Anne Frank said “No one ever became poor from giving”

Be conscious of what is going on around you. Develop a habit of reaching out to others and recognizing their accomplishments on a regular basis. It feels good to give to others. A little puff of Dopamine will come over you! This positive behaviour is contagious.

Build on positive energy whenever possible. A simple Thank you, a nice note, or a gracious email will go a long way. Giving and gratitude is the true value of life, building Darma and increasing your vibration.

The breath is one of the most powerful tools at our disposal for self-regulation, energy generation, and overall health. Different practices achieve different results. When we use the breath mindfully, we can support the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems, ensuring healthy physiological responses. Deep diaphragmatic breathing can stimulate the vegus nerve, slowing the heart rate and relieving anxiety. (Belly Breathing)

The key to good breathing is awareness. Conscious breathing as an active practice is hugely beneficial, and it can help us find solid ground, restore energy, and create healthy rituals that will serve us for years to come

The New SOB: So when we think of Shortness of Breath we think of someone in respiratory distress and we dial in to support their lungs. Lets look at Shortness of breath as a disruption of the flow of our breath. Anxiety, pain, stress, and your environment can all be factors of “shortening your breath” not breathing deeply and distracting your focus from your breath therefore taking smaller shorter and less cleansing, full breath.

Creating New Habits: Remember! Don’t give up!

Habits good or bad, it takes a the brain 18 -254 days to create a new pathway in the motor cortex depending on the complexity of the new routine.

Keep your goals in focus and keep them precise. Identify what you are achieving and identify the 5 key benchmarks you identify that will ensure you carry out your goal.

This will be front of mind. Reviewing and solidifying your focus every day.

When you face any situation, reflect on your top 5 and determine where the opportunity is to help you achieve your goal. Remember if it doesn’t serve you, don’t let it consume you or take you off track!

Oh and one more motivator from the wise words of my dad…. Whatever you do “Don’t Let Fear Stop You”

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